Does Pechanga provide support to private foundations?
No, Pechanga does not fund private foundations - only tax exempt IRS qualified 501(c)(3) public charities are eligible to receive support.

How do I qualify for a grant from Pechanga?
Pechanga provides support to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations within the counties of Riverside, North San Diego, Orange, and LA in California. Pechanga supports the following funding priorities: youth, community and environmental programs. See our Grant Guidelines for further details.

I have a proposal for Pechanga, where can I send it and to whom?
Pechanga only accepts proposals online. To apply for a grant, go to Apply Online.

Before I apply online, I would like to receive a copy of the application form. How can I get a copy?
Before you get started on your proposal to Pechanga, you may print a copy of the application by using our sample request form. For assistance in completing the application, including helpful hints and suggestions, see the helpful links at the top left of the page.
* Please note: applications must be submitted online to be eligible for review.

How do I know you received my proposal? When will I be contacted about the status of my grant request?
After you have completed your online application and selected "Send," you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the application has been received. Upon review, final determination of your request will be communicated strictly through email.

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When do you accept proposals?
Pechanga accepts grant requests 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Apply Online process described above.

How can I improve my chances of receiving a grant from Pechanga?
You can increase the possibility of receiving a grant and improve the quality of your proposal by spending a few minutes reviewing our Grant Guidelines and Criteria, taking the Eligibility Quiz and reviewing this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How much does Pechanga give each year?
Each year, Pechanga distributes approximately $1 million region wide to help people become self-sufficient, especially children, families in need, and those with the fewest resources, and to support solutions to the main causes of climate change. Each year, Pechanga receives thousands of grant requests from nonprofits, but is only able to provide funding to less than 25% of these organizations.

What is the range in size of Pechanga grants?
Grant range varies based on many factors, including the specific program or project to be funded and the organization making the request, determine funding amounts. Before allocating funding, Pechanga takes into consideration many aspects of your proposal, including your organization's mission, leadership, financials and budget requested and how your dollars are invested within the communities you serve.

Will my nonprofit receive the amount requested?
The amount your organization receives may vary from the amount originally requested. Many aspects of your proposal are taken into account when considering grant amounts, including your organization's mission and goals, leadership, financials, budget versus amount requested and how your dollars are invested within the communities you serve.

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May I apply for a grant for a specific project on behalf of another organization, which does not have a 501(c)(3)? The current status of my 501(c)(3) is pending, do I qualify?
If your nonprofit is not a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, you are not eligible to receive support.

I received a cash grant from Pechanga earlier this year. Am I eligible to receive a grant from Pechanga for a different project?
Pechanga provides one cash grant per calendar year to eligible nonprofit organizations.

Does the Pechanga sponsor film, music, TV or media productions?
No. To find out more about which organizations are eligible and which are not, please go to the Grant Guidelines section of this website.

Do you only provide cash grants?
Pechanga can offer your qualifying organization access to non-cash resources (raffle/ auction items, catering discounts, etc.) that will boost your ability to help your community. Looking for volunteers? Email to request support.

I am a nonprofit organization and in need of volunteers for a program/ upcoming event. Can Pechanga assist?
Nonprofit organizations interested in partnering with Pechanga through volunteer services may email to request support.

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Notice of Non Discrimination: As a matter of policy, Pechanga does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national or ethnic origin, or physical disability.

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