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Careers in Public Safety

At Pechanga, we want both our guests and our team members to be safe; whether it’s winning that million dollar jackpot or wrapping up a night of fun in the early hours of the morning, we have you covered.

Thanks to our in-house security team, Pechanga is protected around the clock by a diligent safety team, including officers, detectives and health personnel.

In addition to providing safety, our officers on the floor create a welcoming environment by providing assistance to guests for any needs they may have.

We also have officers on the exterior of the resort patrolling the property. They work to keep our grounds safe and to come to the aide of any guests in need. The Department of Public Safety wants people to enjoy themselves and have fun, so they work hard to ensure everyone can enjoy their experience safely.

Our team members in DPS come from a wide range of backgrounds. Their resumes include military and law enforcement service. Pechanga also has an excellent relationship with local authorities and works in partnership with them to keep the entire community safe.

A career with DPS is a fulfilling one, as it provides exposure to a new field of security and allows you to protect and serve one of the country’s most successful casinos.

DPS: Floor officer, Bike patrol officer, Corporal, Detective, EMT, Safety Officer, Locksmith, Lieutenant, Risk Management, Occupational Health

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