"Always play max credits no matter what game you are playing in order to win the most money should it hit. Also, look for slot machines with bonus games. That is how to get extra money from the machines. :)"

- Nancie Truong via Facebook
"On Ebay, bet the max and push the button as fast as possible to keep the bonus multiplier up to 15, I even managed a 20X bonus round today! Love it, it is a very exciting game!"

- Kristin Turner via Facebook
"I usually just stay @ one machine. I eventually end up winning more than what I put in. Also don't forget to stick your player's card into the machine. I ♥ Pechanga."

- Roxana Madrigal via Facebook
"my favorite game is the atm and the tip is have enough money in there."

- David Michels via Facebook
"Persistance....stay with one machine."

- Dianna Chance-Craft via Facebook
"When I play a slot, I always talk to it (corny I know)! "Come on baby, you know you wanna pay me!""

- Danielle Scheithe-Walker via Facebook
"I like playing one machine till after I dont win anything for 10 spins then Im off.. I also start off with large bills not ones or fives.."

- Victoria Aulbach via Facebook
"Pray then pray some more"

- Rashon Little via Facebook
"watch a game for awhile , untill that person spends all there money then sit down and play, u should hit at least once or twice."

- Julie Ordaz via Facebook
"I stay at one machine! I start with only 20 bucks! And always end up with more! My tip is just have fun"

- Veronica Ashley Valliere via Facebook
"I always max bet on the penny slots"

- Elvia via Facebook
"watch the old ladies and wait til theyve been on forever and won nothing then when they give up jump on thier slot machine"

- Nicole Worsley via Facebook
"max it baby!! dont be scared.. u wanna win big...just do it! ;)"

- Sanbath Mov via Facebook
"People call me crazy...but machines talk to me...I'll walk around the floor and wait and there is one that will just say "hey..hi...how are ya" so I'll sit and play some."

- Traci Ferreira via Facebook
"I hear people have better luck after they dine in one of our amazing food outlets then hit the slots with a full belly.Nothing worse then playing on empty! ;-) Good Luck!!"

- Angela Root via Facebook
"My tip: take money you don't care if you lose and just have fun. Positive vibes lead to big wins!"

- Jessica Cantrell via Facebook
"I walk around the BJ tables and sit at a table that I see is having fun! Everyone giving each other high fives when the dealer busts!!! Pechanga is a great place to have fun and make MONEY!!!"

- Tina via Facebook
"The Monte Carlo machine...look for one of the highest two jackpots with the lowest payout. You have to be prepared to spend some money, but you will win."

- Angela Keyes via Facebook
"My favorite is video KENO! My philosophy is... Stay on the same machine, keep the same numbers, and enjoy a strawberry daiquiri while you play! Have hope and have fun!"

- Cristina Garcia via Facebook
"Just look for them lonely machines that no one wants to play and win $$$ :)"

- Kevin Crowell via Facebook
"Play 20% of your total bankroll until you're up 20% of what you started with. In Blackjack and craps, this can sometimes only take one time. Do that daily. Odds are in your favor. Once you win, quit and come back the next day..."

- Dave O'Connell via Facebook
"all it is is luck i know by playing on keno i was told to play by the front when you enter and also play where you register but i think it is always luck if you have the luck then you will when nothing more than that have fun and good luck"

- Thomas Norton via Facebook
"my tip to the women out there is find a cute guy whose machine seems to be paying off well and hit on him. If he isn't interested he'll leave that machine asap and take his machine. I've done it and won a couple $100 each time"

- Teresa Nieto via Facebook
"Never go or call 'all in' ..til you've seen at least the turn card."

- Ellen Brown via Facebook
"When playing Blackjack almost never hit on a low number 2, 3, 4, 5,6, if the dealer is showing a low card. Leave the bust card for them!"

- Lindsay Kaufman via Facebook
"Don't bother playing nickel or dime slots, go for the dollar slots every time!! Play big, win big!!"

- Terri via Facebook
"Going first thing in the morning makes it easier to win because not many people have likely played that same slot before 7am... and i play a bit and if it doesnt hit then i move on"

- Heather Reed via Facebook
"Put big bills and bet max..... It works for me :)"

- Marie via Facebook
"@ Roulette always bet your numbers and the one to the left or right of it. With this you can never say you lost by one number ;) well unless it lands next to the "other" ones."

- Jonathan via Facebook
"Find a loud blackjack table, sit down and enjoy the team work to help bust the dealer. Many times other players will stop you from making the wrong move!!"

- Tracy via Facebook
"Bet the MAX and be PATIENT - it will eventually pay off!"

- Nicole via Facebook
"Put in $100.00 dollar bill and talk to the machine "say come on baby""

- Jackie via Facebook
"When playing video keno, don't change your numbers, change machines. And for God's sake, don't tap the glass and don't rub the screen, that does not get you a winner, persisitance does."

- Mike via Facebook
"Blackjack - watch a table first and pick one where the players are knowledgeable. You don't want someone else taking the dealers bust card when they should have stayed"

- Eric via Facebook
"Root other people on at the blackjack table..good karma! Also, don't go against the book!"

- Brad via Facebook
"Set a maximum loss amount and a walk away winnings amount and stick to them. The big losers are the ones who keep praying the next one will be the big one. Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose"

- Eric via Facebook
"I play the Hot Hot Penny machines and always do good, because you have more chances to hit the bonus. When you hit the bonus, it always pays off (I only bet 30 cents). I won $150 yesterday. Know when to quit."

- April via Facebook
"For slots I have a "5 pull" rule, if I go 5 pulls with no pay out I move on. And always do the max bet!"

- Ross via Facebook
" I start with max bet..not once but three times, I usually get the bonus & cash out with at least a few hundred dollars then I move to the next slot machine. Money money money! MONEY!"

- Sandra via Facebook
"If its cold because no one played it you have to warm it up for a least 20 mins you will notice then that you will keep getting bonuses and it really does pay out! I always win @ pechanga! Love it couldnt go to another casino that pays out like Pechanga!"

- Monalisa W. via Facebook
"I sit down, play about 2-3x the minimum bet, or if its cheap enough then max, and then if its been sitting without play long enough then it really pays out. Then you just tell it what you want, and it just happens."

- Heather R. via Facebook
"3-6 Poker... The over all idea is to play conservative at first. Only play AK, pocket pair or two overs. Once you pile up a stack of chips. You can play a little more loose. Then you can start playing to the way you feel is best"

- Kurtis via Facebook
"Always watch the dealers cards at blackjack and listen to what other people are telling you at the table. Also watch others cards to see if maybe you shouldn't take the hit on balckjack, let someone else take it!"

- Lindsay via Facebook
"Always test your machine with a small bill then if it's working out put in a bill at least $20 or higher. If the machine is HOT then stay there and continue to play. IF NOT move on so you don't lose all you got at that one machine."

- Lakesha via Facebook
"I play in $10 increments with $20 bills ... If nothing hits after the 2nd increment, I'm off the machine with only a $20 loss. You don't feel so bad walking away from the machine when you have less of an investment in it"

- Stephanie via Facebook
"When your husband is at the blackjack table...and his pile is building up, go by and say, "how much are you up?" When he says $600.00 or over, swipe the pile into your ziplock bag and go cash them in...then go shopping! "

- Kristyl via Facebook
"put $5.00 at a time in the machines and when you win more than $20 cash it out and give it to your wife then put the next $5 in... had a great time on st. paddys day"

- John C. via Facebook
"Bet max, stop playing when it ain't fun no more, tip your slotfloors, dealers, bartenders, and cocktail servers. 1(800) gambler!"

- Alex via Facebook
"Go straight to the $5 Blazing 7's Diamond machine - put in $100 and met the max!"

- Johanna via Facebook
"the most useful tip on how to win: BELIEVE You Can Win...and have lots of back up money or your husband near by until you do! :)"

- Alex via Facebook
"Be VERY VERY VERY nice to the Blackjack Dealer - lol!!"

- Tiffany via Facebook
"I play less lines and bet just under the max bet per line. I notice the machine's pay more often then if i played max bet and also hits the Bonus Round more:) All the machine's play different, u just gotta know what your doing! "

- Crystal via Facebook
"Be patient and most of all have fun and keep a positive attitude while playing everything from tables to slots. Set a limit and never gamble more than that."

- Jamie via Facebook
"in roulette i play by colors. checking the consistancy of reds and blacks. When i feel pretty sure that reds have been played too much i go almost all in on blacks. risky but pay off is excellent!"

- Adriana via Facebook
"Pick a "warmed up" slot machine, one where some other gambler has been playing it for at least 1/2 hour. Since this Machine is "fully loaded" with Coins, it will be ready for a big Jackpot!"

- Steve via Facebook
"Play two machines at a time,and then when your machine doesn't hit go eat your cares away at the Buffet."

- Ryan via Facebook
"Blackjack: If the dealer shows a six or lower you can stay on 12 or higher. If they have a 7 or higher card (especially a face card) you want to hit untiil you have at least 18. And you don't always double down on 11."

- Rene via Facebook
"Have a great attitude, think positive, and play for fun! Really!! If you play with "scared" money; you'll be nervous and afraid. Play like you're going to win! It's good "karma" Good things happen to good people!"

- Tina via Facebook
"Learn to read the pay table of each machine you play at. A machine with fewer winning combinations usually pays out less frequently, but larger amounts. Machines with more winning combos usually pay out more frequently but smaller amounts."

- Sherri via Facebook
"Play the dollar machines, they pay the best."

- Kevin via Facebook
"Play the horn bet on the craps table! Best odds payout!"

- Jennifer via Facebook
"I start with 20 bucks in a machine. When I get 20 in profit, I cash out! Put in another 20. And ALWAYS talk to the machine (it works)!"

- Danielle via Facebook
"Play for fun, never spend over your budget and don't drink too much.......kills me everytime:)"

- Mindy via Facebook
"Play and stay at one machine UNTIL it hits....usually they take and take and eventually they will spit some back out"

- Debbie via Facebook
"Know the rules, know the odds, and play responsibly!"

- Louis via Facebook
"For me I believe that slots with multiple bonuses pay off better & are so much more FUN to play. I personally like Mermaids...when she hits, she hits & pearls are spewing out LOL."

- Linda via Facebook
"Before you even gamble, stop by the buffet, so at least you'll have had some good food to eat, then have a drink and bust out the penny rolls hehe"

- Jason via Facebook
"The key for us was to have dinner at Blazing Noodles, gamble for a little bit, go up to the room, relax in the jacuzzi, then come back down at 2am and Bam my hubby hit a $1250 jackpot"

- Aurelia via Facebook
"Float by the tables and look for the one where the deck is winning. Sit down and play. As soon as the deck starts losing, get up and move on. Find the next winning deck."

- Matt via Facebook
"Always hit on 15 at blackjack."

- Jessica via Facebook
"As soon as you double your money or more, cash out of that machine and put the ticket away. Start with a new bill, when it's doubled do the same thing, if you lose it, leave."

- Jeanette via Facebook
"On the come out roll on craps, always call the Buffalo bet...all the hard ways and the yo!"

- Debi via Facebook


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