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Pechanga |Rewards Club FAQ

  1. What is a Status Point vs. a Club Dollar?
    • Status Points determine a members Status Level (Gold, Platinum, and Red), there are no minimum Status Points for the Silver Status.
    • Club Dollars are redeemable for Easyplay, Shopping, Dining, Concert, Tickets, Spa, Hotel, Fuel, and Golf Purchases. 

  2. How do I earn a Status Point?
    • Members earn Status Points based upon their gaming activity. These Status Points then determine your Status Level (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Red). Status Points have no monetary value and are only used to determine your Status Level.  

  3. If I cannot redeem my Status Points, why do I need them?
    • Status Points are only used for Status Levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Red. As you move onto other Status Levels, you will earn Club Dollars faster.

  4. How do I earn a Club Dollar?
    • Members earn Club Dollars for virtually every dollar they play based upon the type of game, length or play, and average bet.
    • Members also earn 5% Club Dollars on resort purchases.

  5. Where can I use my Club Dollars?
    • Club Dollars can be redeemed for almost anything, including for Easyplay, Shopping, Dining, Concert Tickets, Spa, Hotel, Gas, and Golf Purchases. Club Dollars cannot be redeemed for alcohol, tobacco, gratuities and service fees.

  6. Where can I earn 5% back in Club Dollars at?
    • Club Dollars can be earned at all Pechanga restaurants, gift shops, Spa at Pechanga, Journey, hotel folios, and concert/comedy purchases. Simply present your Club Card before finalizing your payment. Club Dollars may take up to 24 hours to credit to your account.

  7. How do I redeem my Club Dollars?
    • You may redeem your Club Dollars for Easyplay at most slot machines by entering your four digit PIN # and downloading in increments of $1.00.
    • Club Dollars can also be redeemed for EasyChips at any Club location in increments of $5.00.
    • You may also use your Club Dollars at our Restaurants and Gift Shops just by showing your Club Card and valid Photo Identification.                                                                                                                         

  8. Can I use my Club Dollars at the gas Station?
    • Members may use their Club Dollars for Fuel at the Pechanga Gas Station by inputting their four digit pin (aka “code”) at the pump. 

  9. Do Club Dollars Expire?
    • Club Dollars will expire after 6 months of gaming inactivity.

  10. What are the Status Levels and how many Status Points do I need to qualify for each Status?
    • Our Status Levels are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Red.
    • Status Point requirement for each level are:
      • Silver: Entry Level – 49,999 Tier Points
      • Gold: 50,000 – 149,999 Tier Points
      • Platinum: 150,000 – 249,999 Tier Points
      • Red: 250,000+ Tier Points

  11. What are the qualifying period for each Status Level?
    • As of 2023 Status Points earned January 1st – December 31st will determine a Member Status Level for the following year

  12. How do I check my offers, Status Points, Club Dollars, and other rewards balances?
    • Download the myPechanga app and link your Club account.
    • Members can visit any Rewards Club booth and check their balances with a Club Ambassador.
    • Members can also insert their player card into any slot machine to view all available balances.


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