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Event Tips

At Pechanga Resort & Casino, we want to give you the inside track on how to make your event with us a successful one. Please click on the links below for useful tips on how to make your Event spectacular.

Want to know how to estimate food, seating and horsdoeuvres? Take the guess work out of how to plan your events details by using our Catering and Conference Tips.

Catering Tips

1. It is always best to funnel all of your information and updates through your Catering/Conference Services Manager.

2. Alcohol consumption estimates are generally an average of two drinks per person for the first hour and one drink per person for every hour after that.

3. Reception Seating is approximately 25% to 50% of the group based on the room size.

4. Estimating food for a reception is usually done as follows:

    • Light Receptions: 3-5 pieces of food per person per hour
    • Medium Receptions: 6-9 pieces of food per person per hour
    • Heavy Receptions: 10+ pieces of food per person per hour
    • Menus should be finalized at least two (2) weeks prior to arrival.
    • Please inform your Catering/Conference Services Manager of individuals who have dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, diabetic, Kosher, etc.) so proper arrangements can be made.

Conference Tips

  • Discuss your plans for how the meeting/banquet rooms will be set up and any timelines with regard to turning over the rooms. Any set ups or turns that the Conference Service Manager deems extraordinary will incur an additional set up/labor charge. Discuss these charges in advance with your Conference Services Manager.
  • When using an outside decorating company, please confirm your timelines with that company. Delays on their part may cause additional labor charges to be incurred.
  • No outside food and beverage will be allowed in the meeting/banquet rooms.
  • Production/staging/rigging must be done by Pechanga Resort & Casino. No outside vendors may be used. Please contact Al Martinez for further information by calling 951-454-8938 Pechanga offers state of the art in house audio visual services for all occasions. Video tape your event with a three camera video shoot that can be edited live. Packages are available for you to choose from. Please contact Al Martinez at (951) 454-8938 for further information.
  • Meeting and food function diagrams can be created for you by your Catering/Conference Services Manager at your request.


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