Pechanga Resort & Casino

Motor Coach Info

Please be advised that our motorcoach program has been suspended. We will post information here when this program will resume.

Pechanga Shuttle Promotional Offers

Bus promotional offers vary and are at managements discretion, no offer is guaranteed, offers is dependent on route and player qualification; contact Pechanga Motorcoach office at 951-770-2579 for more details.

  • Red Card holders: $40 in EasyPlay
  • Platinum Card holders: $30 in EasyPlay
  • Gold Card holders: $20 in EasyPlay 
  • Silver Card Holders:$10 in EasyPlay

Requirements to Ride

  • Guest must be 21 years or older to ride.
  • Guest must provide valid government issued picture ID to receive promotional offers.
  • Guest must be a part of Pechanga Rewards Club to receive and must qualify through gaming activity to receive promotional offers.
  • Round trip bus fare vary. Contact the Pechanga Motor Coach office at 951-770-2579 for details.
  • No Food or Beverages permitted on the bus.
  • Pechanga isn’t responsible for vehicles at pick up locations. Members must obey all signage, not all locations allow parking.
  • Shuttles have a minimum of a 5 hour stay and schedules are subject to change.


  • Reservations are accepted for all Red, Platinum, and Gold Pechanga Player Club Card holders or to guest with Hotel reservations.
  • Reservations must be made no later than one day before by 6pm for all Red, Platinum, and Gold members only.
  • Reservations are not accepted more than 1 week in advance.
  • Members with reservations must report to the pick-up location at least 5 minutes prior to departure.
  • Pechanga shuttles are open to the public and board on a first come, first serve basis, after those with reservations.
  • Pechanga is not responsible for passengers missing departing bus or items left on the bus or on property.
  • Due to limited availability, passengers without reservations may not receive a seat.


  • All luggage items must be carry-on and removed from bus upon arrival; no items are to be stored on bus during stay
  • Large Luggage items are not permitted unless guest is staying in hotel (no bicycles)
  • Open food items or Alcoholic beverages are not permitted

Additional Information

Require additional information on our daily shuttles? Please fill out our form below and a Pechanga Motor Coach Host or Hostess will contact you with more details shortly.