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Live at Pechanga | Round Bar

Live at Pechanga Round Bar

Level up the party with libations flowing and a DJ spinning all night long at the iconic Round Bar! This multi-level, 360 degree experience is perfect for a night out at Pechanga.

Schedule subject to change without notice.

Live entertainment at Kelsey's

Date Time Performer Music Type
3/6 10PM DJ Rob Fonza Dance
3/7 10PM DJ Rob Fonza Dance
3/13 10PM DJ Ralph Variety/Top 40
3/14 10PM DJ Dennis Blaze Mix
3/19 10PM Inkompliant Classic R&B
3/20 10PM DJ JFlex Dance
3/21 10PM DJ Michaelangell Dance
3/27 10PM DJ Dennis Blaze Mix
3/29 10PM DJ Raul Variety/Top 40

Must be 21 or older. Schedule subject to change without notice. Management reserves all rights.

Round Bar Live Entertainment Schedule

Schedule subject to change without notice.

Date DJ
Friday, October 20 DJ JFlex
Saturday, October 21 DJ Fonza
Sunday, October 22 DJ Aaron
Monday, October 23 DJ Showtime
Tuesday, October 24 DJ Kemoe
Wednesday, October 25 DJ Aaron
Thursday, October 26 DJ Ralph
Friday, October 27 DJ Aaron
Saturday, October 28 DJ Michaelangell
Sunday, October 29 DJ Mas
Monday, October 30 DJ Mas
Tuesday, October 31 DJ Mr Chris
Wednesday, November 1 DJ Hektik
Thursday, November 2 DJ Young Vic
Friday, November 3 DJ Rob Fonza
Saturday, November 4 DJ Michaelangell
Sunday, November 5 DJ Showtime
Monday, November 6 DJ Kemoe
Tuesday, November 7 DJ Michaelangell
Wednesday, November 8 DJ Aaron
Thursday, November 9 DJ Ralph
Friday, November 10 DJ JFlex
Saturday, November 11 DJ Hektik
Sunday, November 12 DJ Kemoe
Monday, November 13 DJ Showtime
Tuesday, November 14 DJ Mas
Wednesday, November 15 DJ Aaron
Thursday, November 16 DJ Mr Chris
Friday, November 17 DJ Vince West
Saturday, November 18 DJ Ralph
Sunday, November 19 DJ Young Vic
Monday, November 20 DJ Mas
Tuesday, November 21 DJ Aaron
Wednesday, November 22 DJ Showtime
Thursday, November 23 DJ Mas
Friday, November 24 DJ Ralph
Saturday, November 25 DJ Michaelangell
Sunday, November 26 DJ Kemoe
Monday, November 27 DJ Mas
Tuesday, November 28 DJ Mas
Wednesday, November 29 DJ Aaron
Thursday, November 30 DJ Mr Chris


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