Journey at Pechanga

Here at Journey we have been very fortunate to have a golf course with an architect such as Arthur Hills & Associates. In the last couple years we have watched the course grow into a spectacular venue for our guest, our tournaments and mostly our proud tribal members. With this, the course and specifically our greens have become very tough to putt and read. I’d like to help with this issue and to remind you that with new greens there most likely is going to be a learning curve with them. Slopes, breaks, grain and the type of putting surface all come into play. Certainly here at Journey we have all of these to contend with. With our location right up against the mountains here at Pechanga and the Valley of Temecula in retrospect, below us, one can most likely figure on putts traveling much faster going towards the valley then putts going towards the mountains. One has to determine where they are on the green, directly related to where the mountain is and the valley. This will help you dial in your speed. Another feature that our greens possess is the grain. If the grass is shinny then the grain is running with you (faster), if it is dark in color(slower), then the grain is into you and the putt must be hit a bit harder then normal. Realize also that your putt could travel through both types of grain. Check your slope for which way your putt should break. Towards the valley you’ll experience some extra movement. A break that moves towards the mountain will usually not break as much as it looks. Good luck and if you're in need of a quick lesson on putting our greens, please don’t hesitate to ask for help from one of our professional staff members.

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